Boyfriend's birthday present?

Ok guysss. So my and my boyfriend have been going out for 8 months <3 :) and his birthday is in a week..what should I get him? :) No boxers though cause I got him some for valentines day(they were lips and had my name on the butt :) haha) anddd some from disney world. So what would be a good present? :) Thankss

Answer #1

You haven’t said how old he is! GiftGen suggests…

  1. Concert Tickets
  2. Digital Photo Keyring
  3. Indoor skydiving experience
  4. Mp3 Player

For more ideas tailored to his character, go here and click on a character type, and then ‘search’…

Answer #2

What is something the both of you did with each other at the beginning that was special? If you went somwhere for your first date, treat it like an anniversary, and go there again, and I dunno…

Answer #3

get him a photo album and fill it with fotos of yous, so he will always remember you hope I helped or sparked new ideas for ya!

Answer #4

skateboard, I would just ask him waht he likes and just get it for him

Answer #5

Well, what does he like?

Answer #6

make a scrapbook with pics of you and your boyfriend=)

Answer #7

I would suggest new sk8 board…

Answer #8

a blowjob

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