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My boyfrind and I have been together for 18 months and have been living together for a year.
We share an apartment with my 9 year old son from my marriage which ended about 3 years ago. My boyfrind moved from his rural hometown to live in the city to be with us. He is an artist and when he first moved in with us he was driving 90 mins each way to work because he didnt want to leave his job and he wanted to continue to work while he looked for a job here.
A year has gone by and he still has no job here and he quit his other job because of the long commute, he just does freelance work to pick up some cash here and there and it is killing us financially and emotionally. We are broke and in a serious financial crisis but still he just talks about getting a job and does nothing.
I am reaching breaking point and have only been patient this long because I do love him a lot, but as I keep telling him we cant live on love. My sons birthday and the holidays are coming up and I dont know how I will be able to buy gifts.
I work 50hrs a week and if I was to get a part time job to make extra cash I would never be able to spend time with my son.
Do I tell my boyfriend he has x amount of time to find a job or he has to go?????

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there are loads of jobs he could get he could become a famous football player and earn £30millon a year. or you could make a type of software and earn £70billon. or maybe become a singer you get payed £12millon a year. or kill people and take there money. £100+ a kill.

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I should add that my boyfriend hates living here and thinks that everyone here working in his field is an asshole. All of his friends live in his home state and we are supposed to be moving there next year.

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That is the problem. He doesn't like living there so he is making up excuses about why he doesn't want to get a job. I honestly cannot see why he would sit there and watch you struggle and work all those hours to make ends meet and he can't get off his behind and get some real work. I know you love him but like you stated you simply cannot live off of love. Your son is the most important factor here and if this man is holding you back from doing the best you can for your child then he needs to go. In the real world, we suck it up and get a job whether we like where we are living or not. Good luck with your situation and let us know what happens.

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