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Should I dump him or just kiss him?

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ok, so my boyfriend and I had been dating for about a month until he dumped me saying he just wanted to be friends and stuff and had to have time to over that period of time people were telling me that he dumped me because we had not made out yet, I really wasnt ready and felt REALLY pressured! so it made it even harder...and isnt making out about time? he told me he liked my bestfriend but she didnt like he sent me a email saying he still loved me and wanted to go back out with me and said I love you a lot, but like when we first started dating he dumped me at a dance!, I need some advice do you guys think I should dump him or...? do you think that I should (metiphoricly speaking) grow some balls and just do it or what?...HELP I NEED SOME ADVICE! thank-youu :)