is it possible for my boyfriend to live with me with out my parents getting in trouble with the law ?

Answer #1

nope both of you are minors unless you both get emancipated.

Answer #2

hmm i live with my boyfriend my parents are okay with it and am not emancipated i think is okay as long as your parents dont call the cops or something lol i mean even when i had my baby we told the hospital i didnt live with my parents and they wer okay with it we didnt get in any sort of trouble and niether did my parents

Answer #3

Depends on the situation, are your boyfriends parents okay with it or no? Cause if he just lives with you and his parents aren’t okay with it your parents can be charged with harboring a run away which is no walk in the park. But if both his and your parents are okay with it I dont see why it would be a problem.

Answer #4

If your perents let you then there is nothing wrong but you have to live in the house where your perents are. But if you want to live on your own, then no it’s not possible.

Answer #5

It depends. First of all he needs permission from his parents. If he doesn’t have it, then yes your parents could get into trouble, kidnapping or housing a runaway minor or whatever. And if you’re having sex, they could get charged with neglect (since you are not of legal age to consent).

Answer #6

I think it all depends on the situation. Since you and your bf had a baby together it’s looked at quite differently. If you are able to support yourself and your baby (or if your bf can) the law looks at that a lot different than if you two just took off and got a place with no plans and what-not.

Answer #7

I’m sure it varies state to state. I couldn’t find too much information about “living together” the only things I could find were about sex, so your best bet would be to make sure both your parents and his parents are okay with it. If there is no one to press charges or complain I don’t see how it could be a problem.

Answer #8

oops meant to post that ina different place…sry lol

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