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What should I make my boyfriend for his 15th birthday?

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My bf is turning 15, in about a months time. We have had our little thing for about 6 months now, and have a pretty serious relationship. He is pretty geeky, not like cool geeky, like legit geeky. But I love it ^.^ He is very musical, and smart, and appreciates a good time. We have made a lot of memories, most of which involving music since we are both incredible band geeks. He is really special tho, cuz this is the 2nd time we have dated, and even though I broke up with him he didn't give up on me. and I really appreciate that. I want to make him something special to go with the stuff I'm getting him, but I haven't quite figured something out to sum up our relationship properly. Any ideas?? If u have any questions feel free to ask! Thank you so much.!