why can I not get a boyfriend??

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I dont know. you should be more specific and add more detail to this question. maybe its because your parents wont let you or maybe you haven't found a good guy that you like. just remember one thing never change who you are for a guy cause if he really like you then he will accept the real you. but dont get too worried cause that guy will come around.

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I justs got my 1st girlfriend last month
im a little over weight
and not the hottest guy around
and she is SOOO cute
so just wait and maybe since you never had 1
you should learn how to flirt a little
I didnt know how then I hung out with
mad chicks and I got the girlfriend I have after meeting her 1 day
so itll happen no doubts

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Hun, don't worry. My cousin is the same, He says that girls don't like em and things like that. Its just that you as well as my cousin are young, Don't rush. I didn't have my first boy friend till about 16, So yeah don't rush it.


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just wait for it .. it will all come in good time

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