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What should I do about gilbert, sam, and this possible child?

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I was sposed 2 get with this guy (gilbert) and had sex with a different one(sam), well technically I wasnt with gilbert but was supposed to get with him when he came back from virginia from army training and sam is in the army as well, well I had sex with sam and gilbert found out and I finally got gilbert to forgive me and then I was gonna get with gilbert and he sat there the day he forgave me and totally made out with me!! Gilbert and sam both told me that they were madly in love with me and wanted to marry me and start a family with me.. It was confusing.. Well gilbert told me the other day that he was engaged!! It hurt and sam said he would take me back and I think I may be pregnant with sams child.. And I want to keep it and he wants to marry me before the child is born if I am preggo.. My parents dont know but the family that I live with does know.. Sam is out of town right now so I cant get a ride to the free clinic to get a test.. I dont know what to do.. Any advice?? What should I do about gilbert, sam, and this possible child? Also, sams ex girlfriend has been harassing me over myspace.. She said that if I didnt leave him alone she was gonna kill me.. What should I do about her as well??