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Why does my boyfriend do the things he do?

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Well, me and my partner have been together for 2yrs now & only last feb he was just released from jail (he was in jail for months). And ever since hes done the following things: 1) hes had inappropriate pic of girls (mostly porn stars) even though I send him sexy pics & all. 2) whenever I turn him down for sex he gets really angry and then shuts me out. He never did this before & I'm worried. 3) we were having sex & his phone starts ringing & he answers it & decides to have a whole convo whilst on the phone to this other chick in a tone I've never heard before. 4) I've also found that hes very secretive. When his phone rings he leaves the house & answers it. Am I some paranoid freak? 5) one occasion he called, we had a brief convo and as he was about to hangup, out of nowhere he starts talking about how nice this girls ass is & how perfect it is (they happen to be really close) & upon hanging up he refused to say 'I Love You' but kept bragging on about her butt. 6) Also when ever he'd go out I'd ask him what he'd be doing, because I'd always hear girls in the background. he'd ignore me & hang up & I don't like feeling paranoid. Cos its probably just nothing, but I must add I am pregnant with his child & I have one a week & 4 days left. So it could just be my hormones. 7) Because I have recently left him to visit family overseas, we engage in phone sex, because he wants to but when I start, a couple seconds later he gets all uninterested & tells me to stop then starts to watch porn. whats wrong? I can't ask him because he just gets all angry & shuts me out of course, so I don't bring it up. Is it just me? I dont know what to do. And I dont know what it is? --.--