suggestions on exercises I can do secretly to lose weight?

A year ago I bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes too big (I like baggy clothes). Now when I put them on I have a fat overhang of about 5-7 cm( when I sit down). I am 163 cm (5f3) tall and 60 kg (128pounds). I am too embarrassed to tell my parents. my waist around my belly button is 80cm. my butt is also big and I have fairly big man breasts. any suggestions on exercises I can do secretly to lose weight. must be very effective. I feel extremely fat.

Answer #1

128 pounds doesn’t seem like an unhealthy weight to me. If you are serious about doing anything, though, just cut out junk food and drink lots of water. That and stay active.

Don’t go on any secret diets, though. You’re still very young, and your body needs proper nutrients to grow. Depriving yourself of the good stuff could be harmful.

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