can a boy be named mimi?

Answer #1

I suppose. My name is Aleksandr, but I go by Shurik, Saya, and Sasha. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a guy named Mimi. ;D

Answer #2

sure…. why not??

Answer #3

poor boy.

Answer #4

Based on popular usage, its more common for Mimi to be a girl’s name.boys name can be similar to it such as mine,mio,min,mayo etc. but its not awckward to use it as a boy name also,it depends on you.

Answer #5

yes he will have the pee taken out of him at school cus children can be very cruel

Answer #6

if he wants to get his lunch money taken everyday and never go on a date then yea

Answer #7

umm no mimi is in something i think it is in hello kitty sumone in hello kitty is named mimi that is a weird named mayb for a cat it is okay but for a boy hella nah

Answer #8

ummm.. yeah could be. but i would say its better for a girl.Not really a right name for a boy

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