what should i get my boy friends family for christmas?

(brother 22 and mom and dad) last year i got them a like movie packet microwave popcorn and a $10 gift card to rent a movie!

Answer #1

I think the first year I tried this with my wife’s parents, I think I got them a headache. I could do nothing right in her eyes, I even rolled an extension cord wrong.

Answer #2

When in doubt, geta family board game if they dont already have it. Connect Four, Bop it, Scrabble, ect. If that’s too stupid, then how about small individual gifts for his mother and father? Do you know what they like? For example, my aunt likes carousel horses and unicorns, so I’d get her a staute or nicknackof a unicorn, r we have a place in the mall called Precious Plasters, you pick out a plaster statue or picture frame and then paint it, finding something in there that she’d like and painting it would be a sweet thoughtful thing. As for his dad, tools? Beer?

Answer #3

It seems like that’s how female’s parents are. They dont like their precious angel with anyone, but for guys, their parents are glad whe they get a girlfriend, then maybe they’ll leave the house more often. :D

Answer #4

oh ya she hated me till like last week!

Answer #5

Well after 13 years she has just started to like me, I do take very good care of her daughter.

Answer #6

my parents love my boy and his mom hates me!

Answer #7

Awh, well at least she likes you, you had to wait a bit. but she likes you a tad. :D My boyfriend’s parents love me, maybe they’re just glad I can accept their son, who is a huge geek, and music junkie. Aha.

Answer #8

Well hate is a very strong word, she just maybe did not think you where the right choice for your son.

Answer #9

ok sooo they like a good movie! so what is a really good movie that i could get them?

Answer #10

Hmm, it goes both ways, I guess. Until last week? She didnt appreciate the pop corn last year? :

Answer #11


Answer #12

ya and after two years she got over it! ha ha :P well you see he is almost 20 and i just turned 17 :D so she doesn’t liek that

Answer #13

Human Centipede?

Answer #14

No my parents love my wife, they think she is the best thing that ever happen to me. They tend to spend more time with her than they do with me. Well I do work a lot, well I am at work a lot waiting for work.

Answer #15

Oh, yeah. If I were her I wouldn’t want you guys together either. At least she’s not banning im from seeing you, then again, he is an adult.

Answer #16

That’s what I mean. Guys parents usually love their son’s girlfriend, but Girl’s parents usually arent thrilled with their daughter’s boyfriend.

Answer #17

Well women also seem to have a much longer memory than men.

Answer #18

for the mom i would suggest maybe a candle… you can never go wrong with that. make it a holiday smelling one to be safe or if you think you know what kind of scent they would like year round, pick one out. you could get his dad and brother something simple like a box of chocolate maybe you could buy one thing for the family, rather than individual gifts for all of them. it would be a lot easier, and a lot less expensive. food gifts, such as a tin of fancy popcorn or a bottle of nice olive oil or maple syrup, usually go over well. or you could give each of them a gift card for Starbucks

Answer #19

Ha, agreed.

Answer #20

Mum - a lovely perfume, picture, facial, make up, food hamper Dad - socks, chocolate, cologne, massage, shirt, tie Brother - shirt, cologne, alcohol

To be honest all the gift ideas mentioned above can be suitable for each family member.

Answer #21

if you really want to get them a good gift get your boyfriend to get some of there old family photo albums and make thema giant scrape book of there life like from when your boyfriend and his brother were kids up till now and leave some blank so they can keep it goin

Answer #22

This is nice but maybe a little much for a 16 year old.

Answer #23

I do hope you’re joking haha

Answer #24

but we have been dating sence i was 14 and he was 17

Answer #25

for his parents? one word: grandchildren

Answer #26

ya but hes my boy friend sooooo that wont happen for at least a year and a half!

Answer #27

but FANTASTIC answer!

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