who are some of the best boxers through out history?

Answer #1

ROCKY. . . . .MALCOM X Awesome boxers lol

Answer #2

Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer, undefeated for his whole career

Answer #3

Malcolm X wasn’t a rapper I think you are talking about cashius clay (Muhammad Ali)

Answer #4

nawl, not him.. he was a boxer, i know it… js not well known

Answer #5

It could be that there is another Malcolm X but the civil rights leader was not a boxer though he inspired Muhammad Ali he didn’t go into boxing, but anyways you and I most probably are talking about different people

Answer #6


Answer #7


Answer #8

MUHAMMAD ALI, still outstanding legend….

Answer #9


Answer #10

However Muhammad Ali was once defeated, I think it was Joe Frazier if I am not mistaken.

Answer #11

Rocky Balboa!

Answer #12


Answer #13

Muhammad Ali did lose in his career, his first loss was against Joe Frazier, his second loss against Ken Norton (neither of which was a knock out which still made him a good fighter). Then I believe he also lost somewhere for a third time later on, but the guy was definitely brilliant. (This was only in his professional career, he lost about 6 times in his amateur career)

Answer #14

Julio Cesar Chavez 107 wins 86 ko’s 6 defeats 2 draws

Answer #15

56w 37ko 5 defeats muhammad Ali /Cassius clay

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