How long does it take for a puppy to adjust to new food?

How long does it take for a boxer puppy to adjust to its new food and quit having diarrhea

Answer #1

i got a dachshund puppy a few months ago and we when you change the food you should slowly mix it in and eventually change the food completely. My puppy was having really bad diarrhea and we found out it was because we switched her food too fast. If ur dog is still having diarrhea feed it ID for a little. You can only get it from a vet’s office. I have to feed my puppy ID forever cuz shes too sensitive for normal food. ID is just really easy to digest because its so mild. Hope i helped!!!

Answer #2

Did you change your boxer’s food over slowly or all at once?

Answer #3

i change it at onec now it has direachee

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