What do you like about yourself?

What do you like bout urself?

Answer #1

well, when my hair get washed properly, it looks stunning. I love it. Plus my odness.

Answer #2

I like that I’m crazy, but I can be myself

Answer #3

Im always making people laugh.

Answer #4

I don’t know hah I am awesome because I am me lol and no1 else like me thats why you all should be jelous

Answer #5

I like having a lot of confidence and being outspoken.

Answer #6

My teeth and my toes

Answer #7

my nose, eyes, and my awesome personality! :)

Answer #8

my hair.

Answer #9

I like how im random and that I have some good friends, also I like how I look

Answer #10

My strangeness and my strange laugh… Hehe. How about you?

Answer #11

My long hair.:)

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