Botox for hyperhydrosis?

I sweat a lot and have a condition called hyperhydrosis. Mostly my hands, feet and armpits are the culprits, and I've got a good deoderant that helps... but I've tried almost everything else for my hands and feet including electric shock therapy (ouch, I know), and I've heard that you can get botox injections in your glands to reduce sweating in the glands... but I'm nervous and skeptical...
I just want to be able to hold someone's hand without them being disgusted, or shake someone's hand without them wiping it off after they've shook it, or walk around without leaving footprints of sweat wherever I go, or play sports without gloves and be able to hold onto the ball. I sweat regardless of my body temperature or stress/nervousness. It's an actual medical condition and I'm 20, so I'm ready to get rid of it.
Has anyone had this procedure or know of someone who has and has any advice???
Thanks much :)

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I remember reading somewhere about this condition, and how a woman had botox injections for it, and it changed her life for the better, and quite dramatically.

Botox, when injected, can temporarily paralyse muscles. This is why some people who have these injections kind of look like mannequins, because the muscles underneath their faces are paralysed to th point where they can't smile properly, etc.

However, in the case of hyperhydrosis, botox injection can help to low the rate of persperation. If fact, it's the only medical treatment currently available which helps all 4 of the problem areas (face/head, underarms, hands, and feet).

If it's what you want to do, I suggest you try it, and see how it goes. If it helps, and you really like it, it could be your treatment of choice for your hyperhydrosis. Best of luck!

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