Do you get bored with people easily?

If so, what makes you bored with them?

Answer #1

I get bored with routine-and if a person isn’t willing to change up their routine, it can get a little old after a while. So yeah, some people do bore me. I don’t like that about myself, I see it as a character flaw, but it’s just how I am :(

Answer #2

Not really, I actually feel that people get bored with me. I’m meticulous about what I say and I guess that just backfires against me.

I guess what makes me think this a lot is that I talk about things that most people aren’t interested in to start with, or I ask to many questions, or people don’t understand what it is that I’m saying and therefore, get frustrated. Tough crowd I have, me thinks.

Answer #3

I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. I get bored with people easily as well, I was just making sure I wasn’t the only one, lol.

Answer #4

When they tell me the same thing, over and over again. Or if I’m texting, and they reply with one words like “cool” “oh” “lol” “k”

Answer #5

Definitely true! I can’t stand one word text messages, over and over.

Answer #6

I find that people get bored with me more. I’m not exactly the most exciting person, and I don’t hold conversation well if I do not the person inside out. I’m rather quiet also, so that tends to bore people really easily.

Answer #7

Sometimes. Usually not though. I only get bored with them if we talk about the same things over..over..and over again.

Answer #8

I do but they have to be really annoying. I’m not a big one on changes so I keep things the same way, so that means the people around me are kept the same. But yeah, there are those people I get bored with. Like with people who are always saying “ poor me” I just hate that, also people who are bringing drama, or who have double intention, things like that, I really get tired of.

Answer #9

Yes, extremely easily. Unfortunately I am not a people’s person and they tend to annoy me especially very loud extroverts. I cannot stand them.

Answer #10

no i dont actually depending on who they are for guys it all depends on if they can do different things everyday to entertain you etc.

Answer #11

i hav ADD so definetly

Answer #12

yes… its their boring personalities and being or attempting to be a perfect smeghead

Answer #13

You have no idea. I am always bored with people. It has taken me a long time to surround myself with people that keep my interest. I really like meeting new people, I have this need to figure people out. Why they do the things they do, why the act certain ways, etc.. Most people are extremely transparent. I seem to find that most people are just dumb, so then I am done with them.

Answer #14

I do, I can’t stay with one boy for long, it gets so boring, i prefure being single and being able to go with any person i want whenever i want. that never gets boring

Answer #15

only if they are judgemental, or do 1 word answers! that annoys and bores me!

i like random conversations, i don’t get bored then :D

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