Why do my boobs get hard in the cold and what's the pointy thing?

Im not sure what its called but the pointy thing at the top of your boob yeah :l If you know where I mean

Like how come one day its flat and then another times its pointy Or ones flat and pointy.

What does it mean?

Im abit stupid aha. Just curious

Answer #1

LMAO its the nipple

Answer #2

Its called your nipple and it depends on several things as to being flat, inverted, or out Cold air/weather makes the nipples point out, much like chill bumps that rise up on your body when you get cold. Other reasons are kinda unknown unless the stay “inverted” —sorta looks like they are under the skin of the areola(the dark area surrounding the nipple). Inverted nipples can be genetic. They also make it hard to breastfeed, but it is not entirely impossible either. Estrogen levels can also play a part in this as well

Answer #3

hahahaha..your 17 and you dont know watt a nipple is?! lol thats just crazy

Answer #4

at your age you should know about your breasts as for the pointy thing its called your nipple, and its in the middle of your breasts, not the top usually it stays flat it gets hard when your cold and when your aroused

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