What are the worst things you can do to your body?

what is the 5 worst things you can do to your body??because I dont know!!

Answer #1

attempting suicide (usually leads to a lot of damage) drugs (all drugs, including alcohol, cigarettes, etc nothing kills you quite as quick) unhealthy diet (including eating disorders) self injury (cutting, burning, self amputating etc…) not washing (showers, brushing teeth etc)

Answer #2

smoking alcohol drugs anorexia bulimia

Answer #3

eating disorder cutting drugs of any type prostituting not taking care of sickness’

Answer #4

alcohol drugs cigarettes unhealthy dieting soda

Answer #5

Don’t smoke or drink that for sure, I do both and they messed up my life, drugs too

Answer #6

drinking smoking eating at mc donalds drinking soda killing yourself with a weapon =)

Answer #7

I think suicide should be on the list unless, of course, you mean non-lethal things.

Answer #8

mcdonalds mountain dew frutti tutti flavored jelly beans coke being a dumbass.

Answer #9

-starving -cutting/ hurting yourself (playin painfull games such as… football or wrestling?) -drugs -smoking -burning yourself

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