Are you supposed to have butt hair?

Okay I'M NOT WONDERING THIS...but my friends sister is..
It's REALLY dumb, but she wants to know if your supposed to have butt hair...
nasty, but she wants to know like now

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yes you are suppose to have but hair its like saying do grils have hair in their joke but yeah your supposed to have hair all over your body did you know you have hair inside your body... I didnt till I was like 14

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you mean on your cheeks or around the anus? boys have a lot more than girls, but everyone gets hair on their butt, dark haired girls might have some on their cheeks, for sure on the anus

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Keeps your butt all warm and cozy on those cold winter nights ;)

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Some people do, some don't. Its just like any other part of your body.

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If it wasn't meant to be there it wouldn't.

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lol dundee =D

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lol you funny dundee omg

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I bet you're the one wondering. LOL

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LOL @ Myzarri ;)

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Im so glad I can't see my butt.

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