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I’ve been having this similiar under arms problem for like 6 months now.I’ve tried everything that I could think of.Plus, this smell is like a bad burden that hasnt gone away.It does effect my confidence about myself.Even thou Im a good looking guy.But,for some reasoning my armpit sweat has a sneezing smell.And often when poeple are around me they sneeze.And I do know it comes for under my arms.I even shower like 4 times and day.But, right after I get out the shower my armpits still smell like sneeze.Often I make myself sneeze.I tried, drysol, vingar and even changed my deaotrants plus baby bowder, arm and hammer. I was wondering If you had any advice for me.Other than going to the doctor asap.

Answer #1

you can try taking like.. umm high potency multi-vitamins. eat LOTS of fruit. I mean LOTS. usually when your body has a bad smell. it means that your not very healthy. so just try fruit. and even spices if need be. im not a doctor myself. but this might help. the effects might take awhile tho. and it might not even be a noticable change. you should try your doctor.

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