Body Conscious.

I’m 14 and thinking about having sex. though I’m very consciousof my body.. my boobs aren’t that firm and I know boys like that in girls. I’m scared of undressing in front of boys but I know I’m ready. Help.!

Answer #1

That is way too young.

Wait until you’re older, more developed, and in a serious relationship.

Answer #2

guys really wont care what the body looks like, they’re just happy their getting some. lollol. but just dont do it with a complete jerk because he’ll probably be a jerk, obviously. and make sure its with someone you really like, because once you loose your virginity, you’ll never get it back.

Answer #3

14 your not ready seriously so many people I know wish they had of waited because you think your with some one you love and all that 9 times out of 10 at that age it’s not going to work and you will regret it, I waited tell I was 17 and even that was to soon. You cant even drive yet have you thought about how your going to get birth control condoms dont always work and at that age you want to be sure and dont worry about it girls critisize bodies way more than guys do they wont even knowtice your boobs and its almost always awkward and weird your first time with some one.

Answer #4

You may think your ready, but your not, otherwise you wouldnt be here asking! At 14 its usually your hormones talking.

I’m scared of undressing in front of boys>>When you say it like that, it sounds like you are planning on doing it with random boys!

Whats your hurry? NO one has ever regretted waiting. This isnt a decision that you should make in haste. Sex comes with very serious consequences!

Answer #5

hun a vigina is a vigina do you honestly think the guy will care about your boobs??

aslong as he gets what he wants hes happy :)

Answer #6

dont bring urself down. feel confident. im ready 2 and I dont like how my body looks. but accept urself he mite not even worry about that!! lolz

Answer #7

You just have to be comfortable with yourself, and that will take time plus no matter how confidant people are the first time having sex it super ackward and uncomfortable.

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