Blue veins on breast?

I have light blue veins on my breast,what causes that and is there a way I can get rid of it. I’m not pale skinned but tan and I am not pregnant either.

Answer #1

It’s normal - I have them too. Don’t know if there is anything to make them go away but I cover them up with a bit of bronzer.

Answer #2

it is normal and those are just some of the many veins in you so your heart can pump blood through your body theres nothing wrong with these veins, there just like the ones in your hands, arms, ect sometimes they can be closer to the skin, and sometimes there a lot further under it (especially if your covered in fat or have a good amount of fat on you) you cant get rid ofg them or change were they are you could try covering them up and making them a bit less noticable with things like fake tan if you want (sun beds are an direct cause of skin cancer so there not safe at all) and try not to worry about them many other girls have them as well, and hardly anyone notices them

Answer #3

Yeah trust me there aint NO GUY who’s looking at veins ;)

Answer #4

I have them too and I recently noticed them. They could have been there for a while. I’m not sure..I’m only 17 and have them. My boyfriend and I have not had sex and there is no way I can be pregnant…but I got worried :/ my doctor told me I need to gain a little can it also be because you have low body fat?

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