Blood Tests... Painful...?... Nah

I had a blood test the other day for the first time, and I had heard how loads of people were afraid of injectiions and stuff, so I thought that it would be really painful or something. We went in, no fasting or anything, my mum had to leave because she was squeamish lol… and I turned to look away when she prepared the needle and she told me when she put it in and she did it and it was like someone pinching you for half a second, then, my blood was running well, so she kept the needle in for a bit, which I couldn’t even feel.

I looked when it was in, and it looked kinda scary, but it didn’t hurt taking it out either, I didn’t even know she had :D So, why are some people afraid of needles and injections and that kind of stuff if a lot of everyday things are a lot more painful?

Is it just the sight of them that is scary, or the idea of them?

And are injections what accupuncture feels like?

Answer #1

Im not the best at getting at getting shots either and to me, its all in my head! I know they dont hurt but still I get scared! and I would think accupunture would be the same cause some people do it just to relax!

Answer #2

I think its just in there heads, the anticipation of a NEEDLE puncturing your skin isnt too apealing, I know tho I’m the same way, I used to FREAKKK out when I was young, then now I just kinda turn my head and squint lol, then in the long run, it kinda tickles lol but theres always that first shock of preparing yourself for the worst

Answer #3

It’s not the actual pain that causes people to freak out - it’s the fear or needles, or the anticipation of something they fear will hurt. When you build it all up in your head and start freaking out before you even get there - it’s going to make the experience worse.

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