How much blood loss would it take to faint?

Answer #1

There’s no set amount - it varies for different people…..why do you ask?

Answer #2

Well my sister cuts and shes fainted once or twice before from it so i was curious how much blood she had lost and how deep she had cut

Answer #3

It may not be a matter of blood loss - many people faint just when they see blood. At any rate, you should see that your sister is getting some help - tell your parents about this.

Answer #4

they already know- shes been in hospitals for it and she is in therapy and on anti depressants …but i dont think it was just the sight of blood because shes been cutting for three years and its only happened about twice

Answer #5

Hmm. It depends on a variety of factors. I’ve only fainted once, and that was because I suddenly got up after losing a lot of blood (2-3 pints), till that point I felt completely fine. But another time, when I lost about the same amount, I collapsed but didnt pass out. So I dont think there’s a set amount as such. And yeah, I dont think a cutter would have issues with blood.

Answer #6

Haha well thank you i guess it probly all just depends on the person

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