Would I look good as a blonde?

Would I look good as a blonde?

Answer #1

HmMm… i think ima jus do brown then maybe add some highlights… thanx for the advice everyone ;]

Answer #2

I honestly think your hair looks really pretty! An I wouldn’t change the color! It just would’nt look right. Maybe go a little lighter brown and see if you like that, but I would stick with the browns. Good Luck… but yes your hair is really pretty the way it is.

Answer #3

Do you think you would look good as a blonde? I think I look great with all kinds of hair color. I have been blonde, purple, electric blue, black, pink-blue-purple<–all at once, cherry red, white, currently I have blonde hair with a black underneath. The two-tone thing! I love it.

If you think you will look good, then it will. :)

Answer #4

Kepp it the way it is, natural brunnettes always look bad with blonde hair. besides, ur gorgeous! dont change a thing.

Answer #5

You had Purple!!! :o

Answer #6

Lol. . . .

Answer #7

…auburn maybe?

Answer #8


Oh, and I’m not blue & white… I’m violet & lavend— Okay, I’m blue & white.

Answer #9

Brunette is waaay sexier, sugar. Try adding a strip of color up front, to see if you’ll like it. Blonde, red, or maybe… PINK!

Answer #10

I second what the Blue and white guy said. . . . Remember Blondes tease and Brunettes please. . . .

Answer #11

i would just add a few highlights if i were you. dont go all blonde.

Answer #12

Don’t change it. Try thin strips of marone like 12.

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