How do you block a phone number on a cell phone?

How do you block someones phone number on a cell phone?

Answer #1

U have an option in phone to blacklist someone…U can make an accepted list and accept from them only..If you are using a phone with symbian oS you can try the app Blacklister

Answer #2

How do I take my cell number off messenger

Answer #3

Call the company anf tell them, they don’t have to know why, but if they ask, make something good up. Just let them know you do not want this person(s) calling anymore and would for them to be blocked from calling ASAP.

Answer #4

where on the phone is the option to block a number?

Answer #5

dialing *67 before the number will make your phone number come up private caller

Answer #6

There is a certain number you have to dial before putting the persons phone number in. look on the internet search the web and see what the number is for your area x hope this helps x

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