How do you go about blocking someone's funmail, or can't you do that?

Answer #1

This is a good feature request, and why would people spam your funmail.

Answer #2

I don’t know but some creepy people have been doin it

Answer #3

Wow, well I have not had this happen, but I guess this is where it is good to be a guy.

Answer #4

the only thing i can really suggest is speaking jeremy or erricson i hope it stops soon xo

Answer #5

Yeah he keep posting bout m*sterbateing and how often, andjust stuff that’s uncalled for

Answer #6

Also if you look their is a spam button in there.

Answer #7

What will that do? U know I’m not techno inclined

Answer #8

When this happens - let us know - we’ll deal with it.

Answer #9

Ok well its happening, and not to just me by this user, the username is skaterpro

Answer #10

Thanks - I’ll deal with it

Answer #11

Thx so much I appreciate it

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