How to get into blocked sites?

how to get into blocked sites?

Answer #1

Blocked sites can also be accessed by typing in their IP address.A site can thus be accessed even if it is in the blocked list.For example, I used Netcraft to find out that the Rediff Web server is located at the IP address By typing this number in the address bar of my browser I can see the Rediff homepage even if blocked.

Hope this helped! ^^

Answer #3

please open blocked site …!!! to look sex

Answer #4

They are blocked for a reason. Maybe you shouldn’t try and break past the blocking system and go on sites you should be on =]


Answer #5

use proxy sites like

Answer #6

U cant sorry. The definition of blocked means can’t get in to sorry!!!

Answer #7

To access sites from school I use There is also a useful site called ‘‘ which emails you various other sites that get around web blocking software (just in case the one you are currently using gets blocked or closes down).

Answer #8

ACTUALLY goodluckcharm you can get onto blocked sites the word’s PROXY! worked but our school has blocked it but not every school does so shut the f**k up dumbass!!!

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