Blocked people can send you messages!

okie I thought when you blocked people on here, they should not be able to send you messages? what’s the deal?

Answer #1

Look: no, they can’t. What happened (in the case of one person, here) is that the idiot we nuked came back…same username. I nuked him, again.

His second account wasn’t blocked, b/c it had a different member ID (it’s what we store in our database).

As to the asker…no, people can’t contact you after you block them…the ONLY possible way for this to happen is if they sign up under the same username after we remove them.

If this happens, click “report abuse” and we’ll remove them & ban them…

Answer #2

What? That’s so strange!

Answer #3

I know its so weird hey…had the same issue, I removed an embicile that added me as he was a total jerk, never answered any of his fun mails, then for some reason he could add me again.

just keep deleting his or her messages and if its annoying you, contact one of the advisors.

Answer #4

what the thats crazy you should complain to them

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