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Bloated, period and I think I'm pregnant

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For the last three months my period began on the following dates Jan(4) Feb(3) March(3). It began on the 1st of this month but I'm a little worried being that I don't know if I started my period or if I'm just experiencing implantation bleeding in which case it's freaking me out. My period has been lighter than normal, not much lighter but lighter and I'm very bloated, the bloating I think is normal. What I do not know is how to tell the difference and what should be done as precautionary methods. I don't want to be sitting at home thinking everything is good because I got my period, only to find out later on that I was only passing a little blood from when "my egg" was implanted. With all this said I would really love some pointers to look out for, things I can use t tell the diff between the two and if possible, when can I take a pregnancy test. Thanks much everyone, looking forward to your feedback.