How do I help a blister heal faster?

I didn’t wear my shoes at the beach and walked around on the hot sand and concrete…not such a good idea because i got a big blister on each foot on the ball of my foot. It’s really painful, and I have a big hiking trip in 2 1/2 days…I need to help this heal as fast as possible so I can go on my trip. They are so painful at times that it’s hard to walk. but i can definitely tell it’s not as bad as yesterday when i got it.:/ thanks!:)

Answer #1

clean the wound first, and then try putting on aloe vera to make it heal faster. make sure the blister doesn’t get irritated. since it’s on you feet try not to walk much during the 2 1/2 days. and if you must, wear thick-soled socks to cushion your feet. hope the blisters fade in time for your trip!

Answer #2

I like Kaede answer… but you can also use plain aloe..peel the plant and rub the slimy part of the plant on the affected area.. This causes your skin to dry up and heel at the same time. # 1 ingredient inside a lot of healing meds..Good Luck

Answer #3

Truthfully, if you have large blisters on the balls of both feet you should not be hiking in 2.5 days. Hiking is hard enough on your feet so you don’t want to already have problems when you start your journey. If we can’t talk you out of the hike or not going is not an option (once in a lifetime opportunity) than you will need to treat your blisters. Since a blister on the ball of your foot will probably burst hiking you are better off carefully draining it on your own. Thoroughly clean your feet and hands with antibiotic soap and sterilize a sharp needle with alcohol. Lance your blister at the edge and express the pus out of the blister. For large blisters you may need to lance it in several places but lance it on the edge. Put a Tegaderm transparent dressing larger than your blister over it. If the Tegaderm won’t stay on you may need some surgical tape as well. Again, your best option is probably to postpone or skip your hike. Whatever you decide good luck!

Answer #4

Buy blister packs at the pharmacy or first aid section of your local store. The blister packs work like a bandaid to isolate the blister, but also protect it from premature popping. Try putting on some polysporn or some sort of healing cream to make the healing process faster.

Answer #5

aaw.. thanks! :D

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