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Why am I bleeding a week early?

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First off, this is very detailed and directed toward females for advice. I am sexually active with my boyfriend, unprotected. I started Sprintec birth control pills toward the beginning of April. I missed my first pill of the pack, as well as another about two weeks later. For this month, May, I missed three pills in a row, but took them in the same day. The following day, I quit altogether. So, I've been off of Sprintec for about two weeks. Next week I'm supposed start my period, around Wednesday, but I started bleeding this past Tuesday. At first it was light, but it turned into more of a normal flow. Now it has lightened up again. Usually my periods are like clockwork. If they are off, it's always late, never early.

Additional problems: itchy eyes, stuffy nose, extreme fatigue, hunger, cramping, vivid dreams. Don't know if any of those symptoms matter. Thanks in advance!