Is there any way to get a bleach stain out?

Answer #1

Nope sorry, once it’s on, it’s on forever. Your only option is dying the garment again. Though for future reference, if you splash a bit of bleach on your clothes, spray it heavily with hairspray, as hairspray stops the process of oxidation. But this has to be done as soon as you get bleach on you. and it’s not 100% perfectly effective.

Answer #2

Im afraid not

Answer #3

Once I got bleach on a shirt that I adored. I went to a Wal-mart and got color remover, and a pack of dye. Just first boil the shirt in the color remover until its completely white, and then boil it in the dye. I was so happy that my shirt wasn’t ruined.

Answer #4

No because its not a “stain”. It actually removed or “bleached” the dye from the fabric.

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