Bleach hair

How do you bleach dark hair

Answer #1

go to a salon, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong. Like breakage, hotroots (which are extremely un attractive), orange tints, and chemical burns! Let a pro do it!

Answer #2

What ever you do, do not leave the bleach in for ages. The reason im saying this is a girl on my course left it for too long and she went partly bald…yes bald!!

Answer #3

go to the store and get a highlighting kit, the brigthest hightlighting. mix all of it up, do not put the cap on, just put the hightlighting formula in to you hair, becarful of grtting any on clothes on skin. leave it on about 10-15 minutes loner than what it tells you, but also be warned that it might turn your hair a yelloewish-orange. I know it’s happened to might a few times. it depends on what brand name that you use. I ended up going into a salon, because of it. I have a really dark brown- all most blackk hair, thay told me the same thing that you would be better off going into a salon to get your hair blonde.

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