How can i lighten black hair to match natural brown roots?

A few months ago I dyed my hair what I thought was dark brown, but it came out black. Now my roots are showing my natural color (light/medium brown) and it looks silly. I want to know if there is a color I can buy to dye my hair to a lighter color, I don't even care what color it is as long as it isn't black. I can see the brown coming back throughout my hair, its just most noticble on my roots. I dont want to strip it or bleach it and my hair grows so slow that I would have to wait forever for it to grow out. Any ideas?

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A beautician told me that Head and Shoulders will lighten black hair to brown and I tried it, it works but it takes a couple of weeks, but its better than keeping the black hair long term ,risk losing your hair or even worse paying $150.00 to have it done. I have died my hair with Preference etc... and gotten it too dark, this technique always helps me. Good luck.

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use manzanilla cris shamppoo they sell it at walmart or
drug store it really works

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There is no way to lift artificial pigment unless you strip or bleach it. Sorry to break it to you. As a hairstylist who regularly colors her own hair black on and off, trust me when I say that is' the only way. This question is on the board literally dozens of times. Spend a few minutes browsing and you'll find this answer over and over again by myself and by others. Find a good stylist who can help you. It can cost about $150.00 to $200.00 to have it done. It's an all day process, and if you try to do it yourself, I promise you will cry later.

Good news is that you have only colored it once and your hair will probably hold up to the process(es) quite well.

Good luck.

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AS a hair dresser and someone that has done everything to their hair. I had this problem once, when I used to have my hair bleach blond. I colored it dark brown (aka BLACK) try using, 40 Volume cream developer. Use it with your shampoo, and let it sit on your hair, for at least 30 min. Do this for about one week or to you get to the color you like. It's a slower process, but it wont damage your hair, like stripping or bleaching it. Make sure you get a really good conditioner. This may sound funny, but I damaged my hair real bad! in my last year of high school "imagine that" I bought some stuff called african natural. It's made for African American hair, but it has great oils and conditioning serums in it. It will make your hair look greasy, but put it on before you go to sleep or when you are in the house. And make sure you put your hair up in a bun, if possible. It will change your whole chemistry of your hair. My hair is so shiny and smooth still and I'am 31 years old now. I recommend, doing this 3 times a week for about 3 weeks.After you stip your hair or use the volume cream like I suggested.Then just do it once a week. and so on. Good luck. And if you have anymore questions, please feel free to email me. Good Luck!! ~Jenna

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so if i bought a blond color with peroxide in it it wouldnt do anything at all?

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this happened to me!!! lol... I now have medium. dark brown hair, I used to dye it jet black. I bleached it put which should be ok for ur hair, stripping it wont destroy it it'll just be a little dry... but then I dyed it red too much, and ended up breaking my hair and had to cut about 6 inches off. I am someone who idolises her long hair so I feel naked with it shorter. I;d recommend stripping it, as blakc wont budge and u dont want to speand 4 yrs of ur life growing out the black/ But only strip it the once itll be enough and dye a brown over. NOT DARK BROWN! ALL dark brown colours that say dark brown on the box go black!!! It has to be number 5 or 6 brown (if ur buying it in a shop) I do mine 5 or 6 an d 'natural brown' or 'chochoate brown' which blends in beautifully with my natural ahir colour (light med brown ---same as urs!) Id reocmmend it! I love the chocolate tone sin my hair and it goes a lovely brown colour in the sun... xx

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what should I do ? leave the black to grow out of my hair or get it stripped, I've tried dying it brown and it went ginger , what would be best for my hair ?

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Loreal Color Zap? I think its very harsh tho.

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