Black fingernail polish

Is it just me or does black finger nail polish chip really fast?

Answer #1

maybe the brand like there will be a difference in a 99 cents black nail polish tthan a 6 dollar sumthing nail polish

Answer #2

Yeaa mi black nail polish chips super fast idkk why but yeaa even if I put clear over it itll still chip!! That’s weird lol that’s why I only paint mi nails black when I want to change it upp a lil :D

Answer #3

yeah like hjgvyi said all nail polish is like try gettin chip-resistant or shatter proof nail polish and put clear long lasting nail polish on top

Answer #4

I think its not you it does

Answer #5

Yeah, I’ve noticed that, for some reason black is the worst!

Answer #6

it’s just you

Answer #7

well I think all nail polish chip fast maybe try getting some clear nail polish to go over it

Answer #8

I tink you just see chippin more because colours dark

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