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Im giving my first blow job wednesday, and I was looking for what to expect. Like if the taste of cum is strong, what hell be doing during it, etc. Also, I told him I would swallow; is this okay for my first time or should I tell him Ill spit since Im inexperienced?

Answer #1

I’d just not do it…seriously…you’d take that sort of disrespect from him, that your body is for his sexual pleasure? You’re worth more than that!

Answer #2

if you have never done it before honey you are not ready to swallow.take your time whats the rush that is a big step and I have only done it to one person and swallowed and that is who I am with now if you are not in a serious relationship with this boy I don’t advise you to even perform oral on him because if anything ever happens between the two of you he can really mess up your careful because unless he really loves you… it aint no good to get it done if he cant tell somebody and you don’t want to be known as the girl who gives head and swallows save that for someone special I did and it was worth the wait.

Answer #3

For your first time, you should not allow him to be ‘expecting’ anything from you. I thyink the answers above are looking at this matter rather critically, lol. If you trust this person and you do want to be physical with him in this way, then that is your choice. It is likely that the taste of his ejaculatory fluid will be a little bit too strong for you. Just talk to him about that and let him know that you are not sure what you’ll do. You are going to be making him feel good and you are trusting him a lot… I don’t think he would have any right whatsoever to complain about spitting/ swallowing.

Just do what you’re comfortable with doing. Do not feel pressured. If he makes you do anything you’re uncomfortable with doing or he places pressure on you to do such things, then I would suggest that you don’t do anything at all. Good luck :)!

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