Birthday sadness

Uugh okay today is my bday && I planned on going out to dinner with a few of my friends well they all bailed on me except one but they had reasonable excuses but one of the which I known 4 12 years told me she didnt feel like going I was so hurt so I called her yelling && screaming bout how I always been there 4 her && shes the last person I would expect to do that 2 me & how she was really ignorant && now I like so dont want to be her friend anymore what should I do && do you think she was wrong?

Answer #1

A true friend cares about you and would try and do nothing that would disappoint you / cares - looks after your best interests - always on your side but will tell you when you’re wrong for your own good…if they’re not doing these, best to move on…Take care !!

Answer #2

I would just have a break from talking to her for a few weeks - its surprising how gd the break is and then you actually want to talk again. I would go out with the 1 available friend and have an awesome time!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY!!!

Answer #3

Its immature to stop being friends with someone if they dont show up at your party, or dont hang out with you I think you mabie should apologise to her. What if you were sick and couldent make it somewhere or you were busy and then your friend hated you and didnt want to be friends with you? it would suck wouldent it? Get over it and if your b day suckd then go out to eat another time, hey I have missed loz of birthdays and im fine, and if it dont work out on your b day then so what? go without a party or do something 1 night to xcelabrate it. When things dont go your way or they dont go as planned then dont take it out on other people sometimes people cant always do what you want!!! :(

Answer #4

She was’nt feeling well, give her a pass.

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