Birthday gift for my 16 year old boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month now, and his birthday is coming up at the end of march. He’s turning sixteen, and I have almost no idea what to get him. I don’t want to get him anything sports or video game related, or a gift card. I usually try to find really unique gifts, and I don’t want to seem impersonal. My friend suggested a beta fish or two. Easy to care for, not too pricey, and overall pretty cool - atleast I think so. We’re not serious yet, although I think it’s going that way. I thought a beta fish was a good suggestion, and it’s the only good-sounding thing I’ve been able to think of so far, and I’m running out of time. What do you think?

Answer #1

get him something he needs or just ask him if your not sure

Answer #2

Write 100 things you love about him I did that and my boyfriend was so shocked he loved it and keeps it in his car :)

Answer #3

I think the beta fish is a good idea, but if you get some, make sure they’re both the same size, or they’ll eat eachoter. also, tell him if he’s going to get more fish, then to keep them seperate from the beta fish, because the beta fish will eat them.

go to, where you can get gifts and personalize them and specify whether it’s for a boy or a girl. great site for these kinds of situations.

Answer #4

Get him a bucket and fill it with things like a flash light, bandaids, condoms, some car wash soap, his favorite mag, a bottle of water, some spare socks, and tell him it’s to keep in his car for all sorts of emergencies. It’s a fun and easy gift that says I care.

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