Birth Control & weight

If I were to stop taking my birth control which I have been steady taking for about 2 years would it make me gain weight or stay the same or lose weight or what? I am just tired of the everyday hassle of taking the pill. Oh by the way I take Loestrin if that helps.. Would really appreciate it, Thanks!

Answer #1

It depends on the person. I took Yasmin for about 4 years and I never really noticed any weight gain because of it. However, I haven’t been on that kind so I can’t say for sure…I’m still fairly certain that it depends on the person though :)

Answer #2

did you gain weight when you went on the pill? if so, its likely you’ll loose some weight after a while of not being on it.

Answer #3

um well birth control makes you gain weight, so I guess you would loose some. but not right away. it would probably take a few months.

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