Birth control pill

My sister stole two of my birth control pills (don’t ask why) so now I don’t have two days worth. What should I do? Do I just keep taking them like normal or just skip two days?

Answer #1

I would keep taking them each day so you don’t stop there effectiveness. If you skip them for two days and you are having sex then they will not work, and may not become effective again for a few weeks, I’m not sure. But don’t get confused, just remember you are two days ahead of yourself.

Answer #2

You need to take as many as you can everyday normally so that the missed pills will be at the end of the pack, and try get a new pack so that you don’t miss any pills and then just keep this pack as “spare pills” for another time you may need them. However, if by the end you haven’t been able to get a new pack you will need to use other forms of contraception for around a week and also if you’ve had sex a week before the missed pills you are at risk of getting pregnant. And to be extra safe I would use other forms for a month afterwards but it’s not esstential. I think with some combined pills like Mycrogynon30 you can miss 2 pills consecutively and still be protected but there are only about 3 of these and the only one I know is Mycrogynon30 so if you are on any other pill then don’t risk it and personally, even if you are on Mycrogynon30, I wouldn’t risk it! Hope this helps x

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