How long for a dog to give birth?

how long does it take for a dog to give birth?

Answer #1

depends. Happens when she’s ready!!

Answer #2

depends on how many puppies she is having. Not too awful long though, stay with her and pet her while she is giving birth.

Answer #3

No do not break the sack unless the Mom doesn’t in almost every case she will. The only time she doesn’t is if you are in the way stressing the dog out. Or she is too tired.

Dogs know how to have puppies without us. My two females love me very much and I have been breeding dogs for many years. But they will wait until I leave the room to have their puppies, actually waiting, holding the puppy in until I leave. Do not do anything but check on your dog and make sure she is progressing ok.

Don’t get in you dogs way too much. Just make sure everything is going ok and keep checking on her and the pups and try not to interfere unless there is a problem.

Answer #4

agree ^ I would say for labor pain any where 1 to 2 days and birth 3-10 hours depends on how many puppies she has. Make sure she has a blanket and a quite place to be. If you need to a little help with the puppies will do her some goon. If your up to it when she pushes them out break the sack around the puppies face and wipe the little nose off maybe have a infant nose bulb (you can get them at wal-mart) and suck the placenta out of the puppies mouth. Let the mom do the rest she has to eat and clean up all the after birth to help with her milk. So make sure you don’t clean any of the mess up let her do it till everything is pretty much gone before you give her a clean blanket.

Answer #5

any where from minutes to hours to days my dog had eleven it took her 6 hours but I was by her side the hole time it gives her a new found respect for you I swear don’t pick the puppies up for 2 weeks en less theirs a emergency its unhealthy

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