look bad if I wore flip flops because I have really big feet?

would it look bad if I wore flip flops because I have really big feet? im into a size 12 in mens.

Answer #1

I look at people feet… No, I’m not a feet lover O_O At least I don’t think so… õ.o OMG, what if I am!?!?!

Amm… sorry, I’m going a little off topic here with my randomness.

So, am… No, I don’t think there is any problem wearin’ flips, if you have big feet ._.

Answer #2

Not at all,I’m a size 12 1/2 and I still or well I used to wear flip-flops,don’t be emberrassed about you size,be proud of it.

Answer #3

Who cares. Do people really look at each others feet? During a conversation? C’mon wear them if you want to.

Answer #4

who is all guys Sandia? you need to look at some of the profiles

Answer #5

who cares, if you want flip flops and they are comfortable then wear them.

Answer #6

But you’re all guys. How tall are you? Because it will have much to do on wether it looks bad or not.

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