Does having big boobs affect older brothers?

Does having big boobs affect older brothers in any way?

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I dont think it does I mean you and you bro ewww!!!

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its ya he will bother as u, there will be alsways a question in her mind that why my sister has big boobs, , well frankly its a difficult situation but the thing will always rotate in elder brother's mind & the different reasons beind having big boobs will bother him..........

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i agree with juniperone, it sounds like your brother has big breast

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sure it is,no males hate it.

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I think you need to rephrase the question in a way that makes some sense.

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For the record, my boyfriend says "Yes".

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I don't think it does because I change in front of my bro all the time because were really close he's 17 and I'm 14 and we've seen echothwr naked for as long as I can remeber there's nothing wrong with it not ethier of us has feelings for echother for echother

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I think dats a bit too close...

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