Why is the beverage offered always the wrong one?

Why is it that when you go to a restaurant and ask for say a Coke, they never have Coke, only Pepsi, or you ask for a Sprite and they only have 7UP? I just find it a little annoying, as different brand names taste wayyy different. Also, very amusing.

Answer #1

I agree - extremely annoying when you can’t get Coke at your favorite restaurant. Its usually Pepsi that makes these big irresistable deals with vendors. Heck, they probably GIVE it away just for the branding and exclusivity. I hate it and will not drink Pepsi instead of Coke.

Answer #2

Yeah, usually restaurants sell either Coke products or Pepsi products.

It does seem like there are more restaurants that choose Pepsi than Coke though; perhaps like wickeddd said, they might make restaurants better deals. Early on Coke was the established brand and Pepsi made inroads by selling a 12 oz bottle for the same price as Coke’s 6 oz bottle.

I definitely like Coke better than Pepsi but I have to admit that Pepsi’s Sierra Mist is as good or better than Coke’s Sprite.

Answer #3

I don’t know they are probably cheaper

Answer #4

Well usually if they have a deal with the coke company, they are not allowed to sell any pepsi products- Or vice versa. So basically they have to either sell coke products or pepsi products!

Answer #5

“as above”

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