What's the big deal with having a best friend?

I dont have a best friend. I always wanted someone who I could tell anything to. I kinda do. But its like a 3 way friendship and im kinda the odd one out. I have a lot of friends. But there isnt 1 specific person who im really close with. I always hear people saying “Oh ya me and my best friend have been best friends for like 6 years, blah blah” It dosnt seem real though. I used to have a best friend but then she went into foster care because she started making bad choices. What are your guyses thoughts on best friends?

Answer #1

Well, true friends are hard to find. So as best friend. Have patience and wait for the true one to come.

Im 17 already. I have close friends but dont have best friends. Cause, I think that, im just not ready to trust anyone, yet.

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