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is he really my bestfriend

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When i first met him he was so nice to me. We met at school at the time i was going threw alot. He came to me and told me if i need anyone to talk to i can talk to him, we can bestfriends. We use to talk on the phone alot. Anyway we kind of feel off. I went to his grandmother house and he came on to me and we had sex. One day i was telling him about my issues and he just start spazzin he put me down and said some mean things. I didn't take it personal because he spazz on everyone even his gradmother. Everytime when am with him i feel special because he is my bestfriend and idk lol but i try no to talk to him about my past problems cause its like he has his own and he even said it. Back then u use to tell him everything and he listen. So anyway we stop talking after he start downing me. And like some weeks later i saw him in the car and he yelled out my name the next day he called me and invited me around his way... hes a street niggah or hood niggah btw anyway we went into his trap lol or a building and we was cooling it at first i was telling him about my prom and me graduating and how am about to start working he was listing but he wasnt looking at me but then he came towards me and start kissing me... after that we left and i was handing around his way with him. I dont get it am prtty and when i do go around his way alot of boys try to talk to me. He dont show no type of emotion and when i ask him i want you more then a friend he said i wanted to be your boyfriend but u said no and i was like y u dont want me and he was like he aint want to talk about it......