Bestes Buddies

Who’s your best friend? I was just wondering. Do you talk to them everyday? Do you try and stay loyal to them? My best friend is Happiez95. Who’s yours. And describe what you think a good friend is!

Answer #1

My best friend is Brittany, but I can’t see her anymore :(

Answer #2

My best friend is Irene. I talk 2 her everyday. We’ev been through all the sh*t. and I GOOD friend is Irene (: hehe

Answer #3

I must say yumiyukai is my bestfriend here in this site :) we alwys tlk and noe eachother really well :)

Answer #4

my best friends are Rosamae & Ian I takl to Rosamae every single day and Ian I talk to him any time I can, I stay loyal to everybody and to me a good friend is someone whos not afraid to be themselvs around me and doesnt lie to make me feel better, and knows me enof to to say the right things at the right time , thats a true friend. and some one thats always there for me at ALL TIMES!!!

Answer #5

My besties are Ethan & Katelyn Yes I talk to them every single day. I always stay loyal to all my friends not just them. A good friend is someone I can trust at all times & who always knows how to comfort me (:

Answer #6

My best friend is probaly my boyfriend… we always talk like its weird for us not to be talking for a total of 10 minutes a day!!! I dont try to stay loyal I am loyal! trying is just an excuse to not to give something your all!!! I think thqt good friend is some one you can trust with anything but if you say your gonna hurt urself or something they will tell some one. and they can be there for you any time!!! and I mean ANY TIME!!!

Answer #7

I do like yumiyukai a lot =D I take to her pretty much everyday on this site

but my best friend in the whole wide world is adriianax# we hang out pretty much every day!! she is a good friend because she keeps my secrets and we can talk about pretty much everythiung wich is amazing

Answer #8

A friend is there when you need them, not just when they need you. A friend will look out for you. A friend is loyal to you, but also to what they know is right. My husband is my best friend.

Answer #9

My best friend is Avina. She and I went through so much stuff together. I don’t talk to her everyday…because shes always busy=P We go to different schools now…but its good we still keep in touch.

Answer #10

taylorrileyamber cause shes awsome and just like me were loyal to each other at timeswhen were not with our friends:) and I think a friend is someone who is most like you cause they can sometimes understand you emo/gothic but my friends always range from preps and back to me because we might have different approaches to the world but in away we are all aliike cause deep down we all want to make it big and get out of this EXTREMLY SMALL town plus the fact that we were all basicailly sent to the same school and ssort of forced to be friends cause of the shortage of girls my age in the area so thats what I tyhink friends are but they are definalty not my best friends

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