Best Racing Games

Best racing games – who knows where to find them? I’m looking for racing games that have real high-quality 3D graphics. I’m a racing fan nut. The more realistic, the better.

Answer #1

for Consoles I’d recommend GRID.

Answer #2

I use to really like Ricky Carmikal. Motor cross game.

Answer #3

well the most realistic racing games out there are the gran turismo series

Answer #4

Your question is too vague. There are a lot of different racing games out there. Are you talking about car racing games. If so, let me recommend It’s a cool game with fast racing action. Sony has if you’re into weird and interesting intrusions while racing. If you want a free racing game based on horses, check out The graphics are sick and the tournaments, well, they drive you crazy – in a good way. I have a blast when I’m the jockey. The basic version of the game is free, so it’s worth trying it. If you’re into Indie cars, let me suggest It’s a cool game and replicates their arcade version. This is for the real speed nut as you’ll approach 200+ miles per hour. Hopefully this helps.

Answer #5 is a blast. Can’t get enough of being a jockey. Pole Position by Atari isn’t as much as you’re saying. Their arcade version is better. My fav is Forza Motor Cport2. This is a sweet game. The graphics are great. I don’t know what the price tag is, I believe it’s around $69. Also, check out Burnout Paradise. It’s a really cool demolition derby game. The game is put out by Electronic Arts, so you know it’s a top-rated racing game. It depends on the mood I’m in – gives me a chance to win real prizes and Burnout Paradise gives me a chance to destroy a few high-quality cars and not worry about my insurance premium going up. You won’t go wrong with any of these.

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