best mate like boy but had a girlfriend

one of my bestfriend like this guy but he had girlfrined and I want her to be happy because she said she cant live with out him aid I dont know what to do help!

Answer #1

Your bestfriend is a drama queen…

She can’t live without him? Bullsh*t… that is EXACTLY what she’s doing right now. He has a girlfriend, so he’s off limits… she needs to get over it, leave him alone, move on.

Answer #2

Would you like me to screenplay it for you? Okay…

[friend enters, sobbing and moping about the supposed boy she cannot live without]

YOU: ‘’You CAN live without him, and you ARE living without him. Stop being so dramatic. It’s getting to be quite pathetic.’’

FRIEND: ‘’…but…but… I love him… I… can’t… live withou-‘’

[friend is rocked to the side by the stern b*tch slap you provide her]

YOU: ‘’Shut up. You don’t know love, you’re just a child. You’re not in love, you are infatuated. There’s a BIG difference. He has a girlfriend, he’s off-limits. Get over it, leave him alone, move on…’’

Answer #3

Would you like me to screenplay it for you?

sobs…sniff…sniff…that was sooo…sniff…beautiful.

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